Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Again

The world is green again. Green as if a balloon of green paint exploded across the city. All the trees have those tiny, bright, bright green baby leaves... They look so fragile, fuzzing up the once-bare branches. Yet those tiny things will be full and broad in a few months. They are not as fragile as they look.

It breaks my heart to see bad things happen to people that I love. It seems my heart has been breaking open all semester. I don't understand why some people have to struggle so much.

All the same, when I watch them come back up again after every hit, I start to understand that they are also not as fragile as they look. That gives me hope.

We are not as fragile as we may look or feel. I can already see in my mind the summer, next year, the year after. Things will be so different, and we will continue to pass in and out of each other's lives as our orbits cross. Part of me is excited and glad. The other part grieves for what has to be left behind.

Right now, though, I would very much like to fall asleep listening to Louis Armstrong.
Alas, papers do not write themselves.

P.S. Yo-Yo Ma is coming to Guilford next year! I am deeply excited.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Blog! Please Read! (And Comment)

I have no qualms in directing all of you, loyal readers (whoever you may be) to my latest blog. It's a bit of an experiment, based off of the stuff I'm learning in one of my classes, and I want to see how it goes and what kind of feedback I get. If you would take a gander, I would be most pleased.
So, without further ado: GO HERE NOW.

Thank you.